RDC Connected, Collaborated and Communicated at the SAOUG conference

They drove for hours, navigating through wet and winding roads. The unfamiliar site of baboons running along the roadside reminded them of their colleagues at work.  Neither “Average speed prosecution” nor “Toll gates” bothered them. As they reached the outskirts of the mountainous area their boredom changed to amusement. Suddenly the journey was less taxing, and within minutes the fog cleared to reveal the marvelous Champagne Sports Resort.

On the 19th of November 2014, more than 400 delegates from across the country and around the world attended the SAOUG conference in Drakensburg. The theme for this year’s conference was “Connect, Communicate, Collaborate” – which encourages the Oracle user community to share ideas and to work together.

After an electrifying opening event, RDC had the privilege of presenting three white papers at the conference.

RDC Sessions at Connect 2014 (SAOUG Conference)

Topic: Living with Exadata

Presenter: Tom De Jongh van Arkel (Principal Consultant), Co-Presenters: Shaun Dewberry (Senior OS Administrator), Komaran Hansragh (Data Warehouse Specialist/Manager – Telkom)

In January 2011 two Oracle Exadata X2-2 half rack systems were delivered to the Telkom data centres in Centurion and Hartebeeshoek. Since then we have patched the system twice and undergone a hardware upgrade in the form of a storage expansion.  In this presentation we try give a perspective on what it’s like for the technical resources to administer Oracle Exadata systems and for the system owners to migrate and use Exadata systems.

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Topic: Want to secure your database? Ask me HOW!

Presenter: Nitesh Chiba (Principal Consultant), Co-Presenter: Casper Wolmarans (Senior Delivery Manager)

Security vulnerabilities affecting Oracle databases 11g and 12c, and recommendations on how to protect your Oracle databases from these security vulnerabilities. In an attempt to do something different we demonstrated a couple of methods on how to hack an Oracle 11g and 12c database. Note: Please test all recommendations thoroughly before implementing on a production environment.

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Topic: Discovering Flexcube 12 for DBA’s

Presenter: Basie Kgaphola (Oracle DBA)

SIG – focusing on the sharing of experiences of the people working with Flexcube.

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P.S. A huge Thank You goes out to RDC for sponsoring the navigation systems at the conference. Without these navigation systems some people would have landed up at a presentation in Durban.