Jack And The Cloud Stack: The Oracle Database Cloud

Jack cautiously walked down a dark alley. A quick glance at his watch revealed that it was 04:00am in hell. The familiar pungent odour of the alley filled his mind with doubt – “Why did I become a DBA?”, “Why do I get calls from foreign consulting firms at 02:00am to kill sessions and to do the needful?”,  “Should I tell my parents that I’m adopted?”. The sound of thunder and a bright flash triggered an end to his disturbing thoughts. He shielded his eyes from the bright lights and gazed into the distance. Suddenly he was surrounded by a swarm of motorbikes. As the bikers ripped off their helmets, Jack instantly recognised the strange figures. IP the network guy, IO the storage guy, OS the operating system guy, and 50 cents the canteen guy took a few steps forward and immediately surrounded Jack. An elderly IT manager slowly made his way to the centre where Jack was standing.

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