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Connected – Oracle to Netezza

The atmosphere is tense as Oracle collapses into a pool of sweat.
“One” … “Two” ….  “Three” – Oracle is back on his feet. Oracle tries to regain his balance as he dances around the ring.Determined to end this match, Oracle approaches his opponent. Left Jab, Right Jab, Upper Cut .. Netezza is up against the ropes again. Oracle delivers a fatal blow and now Netezza is on the ground.

Although there is various battles between Oracle and Netezza, the fact remains that many corporations run various flavours of databases. In a heterogeneous environment there will always be a need for data to be shared between various databases.

Implementing Streams in 60 Minutes


In this Step by step Streams Implementation we shall assume that the following:

  1. A one way (read-only) Replication is being implemented.
  2. Only two DBs are involved, i.e. No Hub and Spoke or Directed Network streams Implementation. NB a Directed streams implementation is one that involves at least 3 databases and it has a Source DB one of the Database is a staging system and destination. A hub and spoke has 1 source DB and multiple Destination DBs.
  3. The Source database is called
  4. The Destination database is called
  5. The source database must be in Archivelog mode.

This tutorial is split into three stages, i.e. Preparation, Implementation and Administration. You will notice that the Implementation is only one Step!