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Migrate a RAC Database to a Single Instance Database on another Server

You can use DBCA, RCONFIG or Enterprise Manager to migrate a Single instance database to a RAC database, but how do you convert a RAC database to a Single instance database?

Multiplex control files on ASM

The process of creating multiple copies of control files on oracle database is popularly called as control file multiplexing. The multiplexing controlfiles used to prevent loss of control files. If a control file is lost and the database instance crashes, it becomes impossible to bring up the database to a working state.  DBA’s need to protect control files from any type of loss, and to help with that, Oracle recommends multiplexing control files and locating them at different hard drive partitions.

CRS Patch Case Study

case study


This document is intended to explain the process that was taken to resolve a problem a client had in patching their CRS. The client did not have a test environment and the patch had already failed twice after what was thought to be the problem was fixed. We therefore had to come up with a way to investigate the client’s problem and make sure that we tested the solution before we could attempt the patch on the production again since the client did not have a test environment.

Client Environment Details:

- Windows 2003 Server
- Oracle SE
- 2 node RAC

Required Task:

The client had a node eviction on their node one and the whole server had to be restarted for it to be functional again, thus we needed to upgrade the database and CRS to and the plan was to start with the CRS.