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Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.X – PURGING SELF SERVICE SESSIONS

1  Introduction

Failure to purge the self-service session and temporary data will over time result in performance issues and large volumes of temporary data being stored on-line.

Even if you have not installed Oracle Self-Service Web Applications you may still need to purge self service sessions as some functions of the Self Service Web Applications are available to the base E-Business Suite Application. If those functions are used, the Self Service temporary objects will grow.

The Self Service purge concurrent program is not assigned to the System Administrator Responsibility by default. That is most probably the reason why most Administrators miss it.

Oracle EBS-Blank Page Appslogin/AppsLocal Login Page in R12

There were quite a few times that I have encountered this blank front-end issue. The root cause was not the same every time it was investigated. There are many reasons for this issue to occur which I have compiled to make it easier for Apps DBA’s. Listed below are some of them.

Enabling Forms Socket Mode and Servlet mode in Oracle E-business suite R12

What is Servlet mode and Socket Mode?

Oracle Applications Release12 by default configures Forms 10g stack in servlet mode, as this is the preferred and recommended deployment model for forms on the web.  In this mode a java servlet called the Forms Listener Servlet manages the communication between the Forms Java Client and the OracleAS Forms Services. The Forms Listener Servlet communicates through the HTTP server port and does not need extra ports to handle the communication between the client and the Oracle Application Server Forms Services. The Forms Servlet architecture is also compatible with web applications industry standards and supports different advanced network configurations such as Load balancing effortlessly.

From 20 Hours to 20 minutes – Cloning Ebusiness using Oracle DataGuard



For customers to clone using Oracle dataguard which should speed up the process and automating the cloning process for Releases 11i to R12.

Client has two offices, head office which is in Bryanston where executive sits and office in Roodepoort where users (2500users) are located. Oracle Ebusiness is used for Finance, human resources and payroll. Previously clones should take the client two working days to complete. Customer should take a full backup of the production environment and then hand over the tapes to driver to deliver in Roodepoort. Linux Team should restore the tapes on Roodeport development servers. This process when going smoothly takes 2 days.

Patch Wizard Utility in EBS to 12.1

Why Patch Wizard?

Patch Wizard tells you what patches you should apply.
If you have set up Patch Wizard correctly, Patch Wizard will even download the patches for you!

The following My Oracle Support documents were used in compiling this document:

Patch Wizard Utility [Video] [ID 976188.1]
Patch Wizard FAQ [Video] [ID 976688.1]
New Required Patches for Patch Wizard, Patch Manager, and Oracle Application Change Management Pack
for Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i, 12.0, and 12.1 [ID 1267768.1]
How To Use Patch Wizard Without Setting Up Internet Connection [ID 741129.1]

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