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RDC Connected, Collaborated and Communicated at the SAOUG conference

They drove for hours, navigating through wet and winding roads. The unfamiliar site of baboons running along the roadside reminded them of their colleagues at work.  Neither “Average speed prosecution” nor “Toll gates” bothered them. As they reached the outskirts of the mountainous area their boredom changed to amusement. Suddenly the journey was less taxing, and within minutes the fog cleared to reveal the marvelous Champagne Sports Resort.

Errors When Starting Oracle 12c OMS

Our resource had taken leave and I had to stand in for him at one of our clients that is using Oracle 12C OMS. They are currently running 11g Databases on an Exadata Machine and they are basically using OMS to monitor the environment.

So one early morning I came in and tried to log on to OMS to check the status of my database and I got an error that I cannot be logged in and have to contact my administrator and unfortunately in this case I was the Administrator so I had to solve the issue.

Weblogic Admin Password Recovery

The Weblogic Admin user password will be given at the time of domain creation, and will be stored in the file. Once the Admin server starts the password is encrypted.

If you forget the Admin password it’s very difficult to recover the password. One can easily reset the password, but what if you need to recover the current password?

In this Blog I will show you how to recover the Admin password using a python script which decrypts the encrypted password.

Connected – Oracle to Netezza

The atmosphere is tense as Oracle collapses into a pool of sweat.
“One” … “Two” ….  “Three” – Oracle is back on his feet. Oracle tries to regain his balance as he dances around the ring.Determined to end this match, Oracle approaches his opponent. Left Jab, Right Jab, Upper Cut .. Netezza is up against the ropes again. Oracle delivers a fatal blow and now Netezza is on the ground.

Although there is various battles between Oracle and Netezza, the fact remains that many corporations run various flavours of databases. In a heterogeneous environment there will always be a need for data to be shared between various databases.

Oracle Database Partial Restore

How do you restore a single table from a RMAN backup ?

This procedure details the steps involved in doing a partial restore of a database in order to restore a single table.