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Ksplice Installation and Configuration

Patching your Linux System can be quite a long drawn affair requiring server, database and application downtime and scheduling this mission critical task can be a nightmare.

Although Linux is very secure and stable, the operating system still needs to be patched at least once every month.

Oracle’s purchase of Ksplice in 2011 brought with it the promise of zero downtime for its users. Ksplice offers a way to patch a Linux kernel without the need to reboot. You no longer have to wait for the weekend or time when there are no/not too many users to patch vulnerabilities and flaws.

How to Enable or Disable Direct Root Login for SSH on GNU / Linux

Security for any Environment;be it an Operating System, Database or Application is a critical business requirement for any Company. As such, many hardware/software providers have built-in a number of security features to help you secure your ‘brand spanking new’ purchase. Many Aftermarket 3rd party tools are readily available as well, some good and others, well, you know the saying…..

Anyway to the task at hand,

Something I’ve come across quite a bit is direct root login access not being disabled on many a Linux environment.