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A Basic Introduction To SQL Server TEMPDB

TEMPDB database is a very well organised system database, is an integral part of the SQL server engine and is a global resource for all users connected to the SQL server instance.  TEMPDB is very similar then user databases but the differences are that TEMPDB does not persist after a SQL server shutdown. Every time SQL server is restarted TEMPDB is re-created from the model database. The other difference is that only one file group is allowed for TEMPDB data files and log files.

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server SQLOS 2012


Basic introduction to SQLOS scheduling

In the past, scalability of SQL server has always been questioned when it comes to large transactional volumes or VLDB’s (Very Large Databases). Businesses classified Microsoft SQL server as a database engine that can only service small to medium sized type workloads due to its engine capabilities. For this reason the Microsoft SQL Development Team had to make massive changes to cater for the large workload demands, which included:

• The way in SQL server manages system resources
• How SQL server adapts to ever changing hardware platforms
• How SQL server integrates into Windows Operating Systems

Microsoft has been investigating how to design Microsoft SQL server to be more scalable and adapted SQLOS since the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Speeding Up Restores

Need to restore Huge MS SQL Database quicker?

Of course backing up to multiple file increases both your backup and restore times.. BUT what if you only have a single huge backup file to restore from?

Well, you can still do some tricks to speed up your restore!
Here we go…