The RDC Group of Companies
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Leadership with trust

RDC is a black empowerment success story delivering quality services to a wide range of clients over the past 19 years. Our core purpose is delivering value to our clients and stakeholders based on innovation, leadership and trust.

The RDC Group of companies consists of Relational Database Consulting (Database and OS Support) and Invantage (Microsoft Business Solutions). Together the group delivers world class services that are recognised for their value-add and professionalism. As a proudly South African group of companies we ensure that all stakeholders are empowered, relationships are mutually beneficial and that all lives are positively impacted by dealing with us.

The management team has cultivated an agile, innovative and a delivery-minded organisational culture. This ensures that the group’s services and solutions remain technologically relevant, consistently exceed client expectations and above all are delivered at highly competitive rates. Satisfied corporate and government institutions benefit from the group’s compelling value proposition. We look forward to taking the first step of many with you and your organization.

The RDC Group of Companies
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